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Chat via Skype or Zoom about anything that’s concerning you. Be it nerves about the birth, guidance on how to settle baby, or some tips on helping older siblings adjust, I can help you figure it out.

As a mother and qualified doula, I have extensive and varied experience with all things ‘baby’.  Let me share my wisdom with you!

With the right support, this special time can be less overwhelming!


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“I cannot recommend Jessica highly enough!! After one session, Jessica helped to calm my mind and assure me that my third birth didn’t need to be traumatic, full of unnecessary intervention and scary like my first two births were!! I’m looking forward to more sessions with Jessica and I can’t wait to see where they lead!”

“(Jessica) helped put my mind at ease about a lot of the concerns I have about the up and coming birth of my third baby. She was so lovely and sweet and was able to validate my past experiences and made me feel “heard” and cared about. After our conversation I thought “You know what? I get it. I totally get it”. I can fully recommend chatting to her, she is so kind and understanding.”

“I was lucky enough to consult with Jessica prior to giving birth with my third child. Although third time round you would think I would be a professional,  I had a lot of fear about the labour. Having just found out I couldn’t have my planned water birth, the anxiety had taken over. Jessica gave me some great advice over Skype including practical breathing techniques for each stage of labour which I could practise on the days up to the big day, and some great recommendations for aromatherapy oils to support me in labour, which really helped shift my focus in stages when I almost lost control. She was so easy to open up too which I loved. It felt great to fully ‘download’ my anxieties. Thanks Jessica xxx”  


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