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Delicious mixes for breastfeeding and pumpin’ mumma’s!

All orders come with a FREE 15 minute Zoom session to discuss any breastfeeding issues you may be experiencing, to ensure you’re getting the best support on your breastfeeding journey.

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Why Choose Us?
Our mixes are specifically designed with breastfeeding mums in mind. We provide delicious and easy mixes that can be made fresh when it suits you, all of our products have a long shelf life of approximately 12 months so that means these are perfect to sit in your pantry ready for when you need a boost.
We pride ourselves on using whole food ingredients that nourish the body.

We source the highest quality Brewer’s Yeast as not all yeasts are the same. We believe that this makes our products of the highest standard.

Our Gluten Free Brewer’s Yeast that we use in all of our Gluten free products is also very unique as it is 100% Gluten Free Wheat Free and Free from Barley and Hops and still works incredibly well as a galactogogue.

How Do Our Products Work?
We have carefully chosen ingredients that may help to boost breast milk supply. These special ingredients are called – galactogogues and these work by stimulating the breast milk hormone called prolactin. What is in our products?
The active ingredients – galactogogues ( milk stimulating foods) used are: brewer’s yeast, organic flaxseed meal and organic oats which have been shown to help stimulate the hormone substance called – prolactin – that helps produce breast milk.

We don’t use fenugreek in our products. Many mums find that their babies are sensitive to this ingredient and that their bubs get tummy aches, and can even upset their normal breastfeeding routine.

Only quality ingredients are used in our products and we use certified organic wherever possible. Each of our products have been thoughtfully designed to not only taste good but suit the lifestyle of a busy mum.

Do your products work for pregnant women?

Technically you can only boost milk supply once your milk has a chance to come in, this only happens after the baby has been born. Some mothers choose to take our products 1-2 weeks before bub is due as they have noticed an increase in colostrum. If you choose to take our products during pregnancy we recommend just 1-2 severs until bub is out.

Although our products are safe for consumption during pregnancy please check with your doctor if this product is safe for you during pregnancy.

How many cookies should I eat?
Some have reported a huge increase with just 1 cookie or just 1 Mumma Shakes but not everyone will respond in the same way. Some may notice a gradual increase and others it will react quite quickly.
You may also find a specific product may work best for you.
We recommend 1-4 serves of our products per day once bub is born and either increase or decrease these amounts according to your needs.
We encourage mothers to nourish their bodies and drink to thirst as this too helps to promote a healthy breast milk supply.

What do we stock?
We stock Cookie Mixes, Mumma Shakes, Bliss Bite Mixes, Toasted Mumma Muesli, Hot Chocolate and a delicious Brownie Mix. Most of these products can also be sampled, make sure you have a look in our mini boost section of the website.

We also stock dairy free, vegan and gluten free products in a variety of delicious flavours and are constantly expanding our range.
Where are they made?
All of our products are proudly made on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Are you a licensed business?
Yes! We are a registered Australian business, ABN 33613308802.  We are council compliant, inspected and certified food manufacturer, comply with the Food Act (2006), and all work is directly supervised by a qualified food safety inspector. All work is done in a council approved commercial kitchen.


Please message us if you have any further questions as we are only too happy to help.