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Why would you go Wild?

Here at Wild Botanicals, we have specially formulated a range of skincare products that caters for pregnancy, babies and those with normal to sensitive skin.

Our Certified Organic skincare has been crafted from beautiful botanical ingredients to heal, nourish, soothe and protect your skin. With complete body washes, nourishing all over body lotions and healing balms, we have everything you need to start your organic skincare collection.

When it comes to skin, whether its newborn, pregnant or sensitive, it’s always absorbing what is put onto it. So, if we are washing our hair, face and bodies in toxic ingredients and then smothering it with more harmful chemicals every day, our bodies are not only absorbing these toxins but working overtime to try and get rid of them. By using certified organic skincare products, you are only putting pure, natural ingredients onto your skin, which is good for your body as well as your skin.

Nature has provided an incredible array of botanical ingredients that have all sorts of qualities such as nourishing, healing, smoothing, softening and repairing. At Wild Botanicals, we have harnessed these properties and formulated our products around the power of nature.

Our products do not contain the usual harmful suspects such as sodium laurel sulphate, parabens or synthetic fragrances. We don’t even use phenoxyethanol or cocamidopropyl betaine, commonly found in “natural products”. These ingredients can cause skin irritations and dryness and are unnecessary for use in skincare. We only use pure, natural ingredients in all of our products to give you beautiful and healthy skin that is Good on You.

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