Society is really, really good at scaring new mums-to-be.

Think of the last birth you saw on mainstream TV or in a movie.  Or the last time someone told you the story of their labour. More often than not, it’s not a pretty picture! Stories of labours for days, unimaginable pain, or stitches from here until tomorrow are so prevailent.  I’m not wanting to diminish the experiences of these women at all, but we need to balance these stories out. It’s time for the Mama’s who had really great births to speak up.

I was inspired by my favourite birth story book – Birth Journeys – and reached out to followers on my facebook page to share their inspiring birth stories.

I’ll share the stories over the coming months, and will include my own experiences as well (both good and bad!).

The first story I’m sharing is from Karla.

Karla’s Story.

I went into labour on the Wednesday night at around 8:30pm. I’d been in pre labour for about 3 days, but didn’t really know about it or notice a lot, I was just very tired and had some cramp like pains.

My contractions began instantly at 4.5 min apart which was a shock being a first time Mum. I told my partner at around 9 and we rang the hospital. The midwife told me to come in when I couldn’t talk. So I hopped in the shower to just relax a little and get my head straight. At 9:30 we headed into the hospital as we live 30 mins away. I vomited all the way in. It was awful and I had been like this all through pregnancy as well. It wasn’t stopping now. Got to the hospital and midwife checked me, I was at 4 cm. I thought ‘Great I’m gonna be going for a long time’. This was around 10:15. So I ran a bath hopped in and things settled as the water took the pressure off. It was amazing. At around 12 things got heavy. I couldn’t cope with the pain so I tried the gas. I didn’t think it was working but according to my partner it was! Ha.

I really wanted a water birth but I was encouraged not to by the midwives. Something I regret not listening to myself and pushing through but am determined to stick to it next time.

At 12:30 -1:00 my water broke. That was so painful. And made things speed up more. I hopped back in the bath but it wasn’t helping at all. I just started rocking in there and phoned my mum to come in. She got there about 1:30-2:00, took one look at me crying in the bath, and said get out your baby is coming. The midwife tried to argue with her but mum having had 4 girls (number four in the front seat of the car) wouldn’t take it. She helped me out of the bath and told me to get on all fours on the bed. At this point I was screaming for the epidural and it was 2 am. She said rock back and fourth as the midwife was still arguing with her and getting the epidural ready. I told her I needed to push so mum said ok push like you need to poo. I just listened and the midwife said she’s not ready (without even checking me) I said I need to push quite firmly. Mum said then just push.

I pushed three times very big for 7 mins and my girl was born at 2:22 am.

So I’m glad mum was there to guide me through otherwise I probably would’ve been still going hours later with an epidural. I’m so glad I didn’t have it as I know now I can do it. And I know what to do to help me and my baby. I just want to be more persistent next time in sticking with what I want.

Want to share your positive birth story?

When I say positive – I mean any birth experience where you felt empowered and supported in your choices.

Your story will be shared in your words, with only spelling and grammatical edits.

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