I recently stumbled across a guest blog post I wrote many moons ago, about the birth of my youngest son.

It’s a little crude in the writing, but it’s honest and gives a little insight into why I feel so strongly about being an advocate for birthing women. I needed someone impartial there who wasn’t afraid to ask questions, or to remind me of what I’d wanted or hoped for. My husband was a great support, but having that deep emotional

connection to myself and our baby meant that his support was clouded by his emotional involvement.

My experience was 100% better than the first time around (I’ll save that post for another day maybe), but still I faced coercion and pressure to not let the birthing process just take its course.

Indeed hindsight is a wonderful thing, and yes if I could go back in time I’d make some changes, but at the end of the day, my experiences all contributed into making me the woman, and doula, I am today. One who wants to do all she can to ensure you feel empowered in your choices as a birthing woman, and as a mother in general.

You can find the original post here.